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Taylor, with a raised fist, under a Black Panther logo. The text reads 'Write in Taylor Maloney for Fifth District City Council'

Taylor's Policies

First and foremost, Taylor believes in defunding the Richmond Police Department and funding Black lives and Black futures. That means taking money that is currently spent on police overtime, tear gas and other weapons of war, etc. and reinvesting it in housing, food, education, mental health services and the other fundamental building blocks of peace, prosperity, freedom, and democracy.

Taylor will fight to end evictions and houselessness within ten years, and will oppose ordinances that criminalize houselessness, such as the prohibition on sleeping in parks.

Besides ending the city's war on Black lives, Taylor believes in the right of all people to self-determination, and in the power of communal work. They are a dedicated organizer within their community, and will fight not just to aid, but to empower all residents of the 5th district. As the first openly non-binary person running for city council, Taylor understands the intersection of LGBT rights, Black liberation, and other freedom struggles, and will use their position to ensure equality, equity, and empowerment for all people.